MusicMuso was formed in 2009. Prior to that, Steve Muscutt worked as a freelance writer for a Devon based events magazine where he edited the music review section. The magazine was eventually bought out by a local newspaper and they in-housed all journalism (boo-hiss).

In 2009, Steve was made redundant from his day job and found himself with 6 months to kill before being able to look for his next role. After countless meetings with a very talented web designer, a new site was formed called This site ran for approximately one year prior to being changed to, which we feel is a much better name and one that would take the site forward as a brand, renowned for its high quality content. 

Amongst the various sections on the site, you can find music news, reviews of singles and albums as well as live concerts and photo galleries that capture some of the best shots of the freshest talent out there. We have a great 'Introducing' section which plays host to interviews that we have conducted with emerging, established and classic acts from all over the world. 

We work in partnership with the Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre, this allows us to get up close and personal with some of the varied acts that grace their stage, you can find out about the gigs that we're covering in our 'Gig Calendar' section.

I love what I do here at musicmuso but I don't work alone, I have assistance from writers, reviewers and photographers who all go the extra mile, attending live shows and events and listen to countless hours of music in the hope that they might be the person to find the next 'big thing'....