The original members of the Autopsy Boys, William Brunskjill and Gary Hargreaves, began making music together in 2006, as a post punk outfit using drum machines, synthesizers and the occasional guitar.

The band became notorious for their offensive lyrical content, the core references often being 80’s TV, horror movies, gaming and marijuana. The band's sound began to evolve beyond its early roots which were often compared to Big Black, and saw the music drifting towards a more truculent punk rock sound, influenced by bands like The DwarvesGermsTSOLFreeze and many more.

"Eclectic eighties electro sounds and a good dose of punk too. Adventurous and even though this combination shouldn't work it does, and if that doesn't take your fancy then the sick guitar riffs will. We are impressed that a band who has only formed late in 2011 already came back with such good material, let’s hope it stays this way."
Entertainment Focus.

"Infused with the gonzo, speed-punk etiquette of the Seattle hardcore scene of the ‘80s, Autopsy Boys merge Dwarves-esque energy with the Oi punk of acts like the Exploited to create a furious little bundle of noise– and has enough of a hook to give you cravings for more."
Artrocker Magazine

"The end result for me is a deeply satisfying slab of sing-along punk rock that will fit perfectly onto any (read: every) old-school mixtape that I’ll be making for the next dozen years or so." - The Impaler Speaks 

"Will immediately appeal to any fans of early Offspring records drawing in perfectly the spirit of the formers ‘Smash’ era. But there's more on offer here, with their use of synthesizers and samplers pushing the boundaries of what their capable of. Its not quite reinventing the wheel but some times when you can produce a record as enjoyable as this why would you want to?" - A Musical Priority

In September 2011, whilst drinking in a bar, the 2 were asked to open ‘BEEFSTOCK IV’, a local hardcore punk and heavy metal all day event to which they agreed. A few weeks later, after seeing posters featuring them on the bill, they decided to recruit 3 friends for what was originally intended to be a one off performance. The addition of Jamie Robinson on Bass,  guitarist Alan Laird and JP Robinson on drums saw the band inevitably change its direction once again.

By this time they had dropped most of their early post punk sensibilities and morphed into a hardcore punk outfit, whilst still using various synthesizers and samplers to add a genuine eerie 80s horror-esque sound.

Autopsy Boys are:

William Brunskjill-Vocals.

Alan Laird-Guitars.

JP Robinson-Drums.

Gary Hargreaves-Synths.

Jamie Robinson-Bass.

AuthorSteve Muscutt